Our Services

We’re small enough to give you a very personal service, ‘tailor made’ to your requirements, but with enough volume and reach to give you the most competitively priced service, allowing you to deal with a real-live person who will talk through your requirements and use our extensive experience to make recommendations to save you money, not simply giving you computerised quotations.

All freight logistics whether one pallet or one or more containers, or bulk goods.

We use ships, trucks, aircraft, trains, for all freight.

We will arrange consolidation of freight where required.

We will arrange town to town logistics within your country, or move goods across the world.

We will always give you the most competitive quotes with the best possible personal service.

If required, we will arrange all documentation and clearance of your goods.

If required we will be happy to arrange competitive quotes on your freight insurance needs.

If required we will be happy to arrange competitive quotes for financing your loads, letters of credit, etc.

We will be happy to quote you for the most basic ‘port to port’ requirement, or offer a complete and comprehensive service with as much or as little as you require.

We also offer a FREE of charge diagnosis of all your freight logistics requirements and if required can even meet directly with you to assess what and how you are handling all your freight logistics and will either give you peace of mind in our assurance that you already have the very best structure, prices and service, or will make alternative recommendations for you to consider, while actually quantifying any savings you would make through our recommendations!

For all your needs handled personally,