Pallet Services

Normal pallet 1000 *1200, storage in racks, B2B

Euro pallets 800 *1200 fits through most doors B2C

There are a number of different pallets available and the best pallet for the freight depends on what you are going to put on them and where they are going. For example perhaps you have deliveries to a housing site where there are doors to be negotiated, then use a euro pallet as it’s only 800 wide then it will probably fit through the door.

For deliveries to businesses where you know there are forklifts available and wide doors, then in the UK a normal pallet of 1000*1200 is good. However, it must be remembered that if you are exporting to Europe, then warehouse racking generally only caters for the Euro pallet and not the larger UK pallet. There are various rules for wooden pallets moving around the world, with certain countries requiring the wood of the pallet to be treated or they will not allow it into the country.

Weight: Anything up to 600 kgs is normally acceptable, though pallets can take up to 1000 kgs. However, the further the load is travelling, the more pressure on the pallet which may cause it to collapse.

Height: Dependent on the goods, 2 metres of Christmas crackers on a pallet is ok, but a 2 metre load of tinned soup is liable to tip over.

Fit for Travel: Don’t let your goods overhang the pallet as they are likely to end up damaged. However, do ensure that your calculations are well thought out for loading the pallet, as allowing only 5cm of empty space inside the edge of the pallet, can mean a loss of valuable and expensive space for extra goods! Shrink wrap should also wrap the pallet as well as the goods. Don’t place heavy boxes on top of lighter ones. Bumpy roads, heavy seas, thunderstorms tend to be out of the control of the haulier so making your goods fit to travel ensures your customers get the service & products they expect.